Emerging Writers Guest Post #44 – Mathias Frey: EXCESS – The Art of Treason

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About Mathias: Born in Germany in 1969, moved with my family to Switzerland when I was ten years old. Started to love reading as a young teenager. Have been working in air traffic control simulation for most of my adult life. Apart from aviation, have always been interested in history and the dark side of politics. I have recently started working on my second political suspense novel. Should I be ashamed of admitting that I’d never written anything before writing my political suspense novel “EXCESS – The Art of Treason”? Maybe not ashamed, but I shouldn’t be so stupid to admit it. Well anyway, here I am. My name is Mathias Frey, I live in Zurich, Switzerland, am 44 years old and the author of the political thriller EXCESS, the English-language version of which was released in May 2013. Inspired by sinister political plans and events of the past decades (conspiracy facts, not conspiracy theories …), such as the hollywoodesque Pentagon script to stage terrorist acts on US soil to justify an US invasion of Cuba (google “Operation Northwoods”), I started to learn the craft of writing when I was working on the book between 2004 and 2008, long before the Kindle age. The book’s original German version, launched on Amazon Germany in February 2012, did fairly well. It reached the #1 spot of the paid ebook-charts in May 2012, and was, according to Amazon, among the top ten best-selling ebooks in the first half of that year. Mind you, the German-language market on Amazon is much smaller than the Englishlanguage market, so I haven’t sold millions but I’m quite happy so far. Readers gave it a 4.2 star average rating. After sales numbers passed the five digits threshold, I took the plunge and started looking for a professional translator in the spring of 2012. Rachel Ward, who translates from German and French to English for a living, was daring enough to get into a business relationship with an indie-author – a decision which I hope she’s never regretted. Why would I bother to have the book translated at all? Because most of the story is set in the US. To quote “Deutschlandfunk”, one of the largest radio stations in Germany: “There’s treasure to be found in the Kindle Shop, although it can be hard to find in a hurry if you don’t know you’re looking for it. The easiest way is to head for Mathias Frey’s political thriller ‘Excess’, which has spent six months in the limelight of the Top 100 [on Amazon Germany] where it stood out for its quality. The story of a media experiment in America, unleashed by sinister political conspirators aiming to seize power in the United States, reads like the work of a seasoned pro in the genre, but was in fact self published.“ So here I am, entering the massive English-language market on Amazon, and asking myself if last year’s experience on Amazon Germany was just a dry run … —– Excess on Amazon.com Excess on Amazon.co.uk On Facebook On...

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Emerging Writers Guest Post #43 – Barbara Olsgard Winquist – On a US cauldron of a conspiracy

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Picture the post war era and the babies born to a generation of lovers of freedom. Imagine their children and the hope of preserving them from the dust of the dirty thirties, a world war, grinding poverty of the homesteaders, plight of a plethora of disease and the crucifixtion of Christianity. I rose from the lineage of my European ancestors and was in the satchel of their genes. We kissed the earth as we departed the ship and named this country ours. Prairies with golden grain lined the horizon as grandparents beheld the flag and held her truth with our Lord the King. The ancient ones from the old country live in my vision. I see their images when a church bell rings on Sunday morning, when the people walk freely and casually, when the children laugh in good health, hale and happily, when I can recite the Lord’s Prayer in schools, when old men and women can pass to the heaven’s without fear of being a burden, when ingenuity and innovation are applauded, when the earth creates her wealth of abundance to feed the poor. My name is Barbara Olsgard Winquist and I am the granddaughter of these huddled masses who sought the safety of a harbor sufficient to proclaim the truth. My early childhood was spent in peace until a vision catapulted me into the dimension or twilight zone of sobriety. We were drunk with God’s blessings and hunkered down and left not an offering. The abundance overwhelmed our senses and decay withered the roses upon the vine. . . The wild and beautiful prairie, the land of the living skies, is the site of my birth and home. The blessed and beauteous Saskatchewan is my heritage. Blood red sunsets adorn the horizon with silk like breezes caressing your face on a summer’s eve. I am an author and poet within this somewhat forlorn yet majestic part of the earth. Vast horizons of grain fields languish as though the seasons are eternally mellow and placid. Once upon a time, an element of surprise engulfed my senses as the Knights Templar, through historic account, advocated a darker version of historic recollection. My attention was piqued as I fashioned my nouveau novel “The Tale of an Honest Man” into a semblance of mystery with inspired history which exposes a diabolical plot. Here is my story: Solomon Richelieu and his two friends Sophia and Elijah Carrington burst forth from the Southern Bible belt as children of the genteel aristocracy. The story initiates the three into the cauldron of a conspiracy engulfed within the confines of a one world government. This mystical entity is harnessed to a Luciferian element structured to annihilate Christianity. The Scandinavian guides, Bjorn Olafsson and Erik Johannsen, emerge as the guardians as the three travel the world over in search of ancient scrolls that will reveal the...

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Emerging Writers: Guest Post #19 – Why poetry, if you can’t stand reading it?

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Adam Moursy was born in New York City in 1986. He’s lived in and around the city ever since, with much of his adult life influenced by street culture, heavy drinking, and overall debauchery. To no surprise, he writes what he knows — hard-hitting anecdotes from both the past and present, without many frills. He was first published at the age of twenty-four, and has appeared in several lit mags and poetry journals in the US and UK. A witty and insightful look at the daily (and moreover nightly) carousals of its author, Slinking Under The Electric Bulb is the first collection of prose poetry by Adam Moursy. From chance encounters with loose women, to struggles with both money and the tameless characters of New York City’s underbelly, the writing remains fast-paced and blunt, in a sort of hit-and-run fashion. Why Poetry?  I’ve asked myself that question more times than I can remember. I can’t stand reading it, can’t stand the stigma that comes along with it ‒ so why write it? Is it for the quick fix? A means of dealing with a terribly short attention span? Or for the simple appreciation of having a good bathroom book on hand? The answer is D: All of the Above. But it’s so much more. Poetry needs a new voice. Whitman had it. Neruda carried the torch. Bukowski killed it. Now what? Another change, of course. Poems for the modern day man ‒ void of rhyme and decorum, of senseless fluff. In an age where sex drives us all, where rebellion is openly tolerated (and even encouraged), it’s amazing that the poets of today, both young and old alike, still stick to the formulas of their more than century-old predecessors. We know that the trees are there, that love is a blade, and that the sun rises and sets for each and every one of us, but what about what really goes on? What about that hemorrhoid you’re sitting on, that blowjob you got last week, or hell, even that god-awful guy or girl you met through OkCupid? Here we are, living by the social network, by GPS and text messaging, by designer drugs and complex drinks and convenient everything. We don’t even have pubic hair. So, when will poetry finally catch up? That’s where I come in. I’ve planted a seed, and it’s called Slinking Under The Electric Bulb. Take the title head-on: I drank and fucked and did so by today’s standards, like a rogue cat creeping down some dingy street of terror, and made sure to write about it while not holding anything back. Yes, it’s plenty vulgar. And, no, you probably won’t regard me as anything more than your dirty little secret. But you will relate, whoever you are, as there’s something in there for everyone ‒ from being held-up at gunpoint, to pop culture and literary...

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Emerging Writers: Guest Post #15 Non-fiction – The Art of the Visit & Making a book happen

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Before launching her writing and speaking career, Kathy Bertone-Obieleski was the managing partner in a merger & acquisition firm located outside Washington, D.C., where, for over a decade, she was involved in selling privately-held businesses. Kathy knows what it takes to help all of us have successful, stress-free, fabulous visits with the people we love the most, and who often give us the most joy and pain: our family and close friends. At a young age Kathy began organizing, rearranging, and doing everything possible to obtain, and maintain, a well-run household, often to the dismay of her family. It lasted for the better part of two days, but a determined child, she would happily start the process again. THE ART OF THE VISIT was in the making. Now called “Hostess Extraordinaire” Kathy loves to help people have great times whenever they get together, no matter for how long . . . or who is coming! She speaks on the subject and is working on her next book. For more, Visit the Website Or Become a Facebook Fan Or View the Book Or The Book on Nook! Take it away Kathy! *** Being Published: Don’t Say You Can’t Until You Try Laurence has many followers who are writers, so I am delighted to share with you a perhaps surprising story of publishing success. No, I haven’t sold a million books on Amazon, and no, I haven’t made the NYT’s Best-Seller list (yet), but I do have a literary agent and a traditionally published book that is beautiful inside and out, both in word and image. I am now a published author with all the accoutrements, featured magazine and national newspaper articles to my credit, and even some television. All great press in a few short months and I am a fairly common person who just had a pretty cool idea and took the time to learn how to properly market my book and myself. I will say, however, that I am proactive and motivated, but you are, too, or you wouldn’t be reading this post. It saddens me to hear that so many yet-to-be-published writers are convinced they cannot be traditionally published; how publishers are not interested in first-time authors, and how it is so much quicker and easier to self-publish. Hog wash. I saw a statistic that self-published books rarely sell more than one hundred copies and besides, you do all the work and then pay for the privilege. If you are published traditionally, the publisher pays for everything from editing (hugely important for any book) to publishing. Here is a brief overview of my trip: A few years ago I had an idea. The idea doesn’t matter. The fact that I had it and wanted to do something with it did. So while working at another job I wrote when I could. In 2009 my “real” job went straight downhill at the same rate as the US economy so I took the downtime to work on my non-fiction book...

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Emerging Writers: Guest Post #9 The power of writing

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Charmaine Gordon, our next guest blogger, is a US based author. She is gutsy and determined. Here is more from Charlaine, in her own words: After years as wife of an Air Force pilot, Strategic Air Command, 301st Air Refueling Squad, part of a Bomb Wing, we became civilians eventually moving to NYC with many kids and dogs. I spread my wings when my daughter was in high school and pursued my own dream of working professionally as an actor. Not too much to ask for, I thought and found I had a lot to learn. Classes in on-camera and commercials, I took them all determined, not to be a star, but to be a part of a larger pond. And I succeeded; joined three unions necessary to work, freelanced with agents and the girl from Chicago who stayed home to be a good daughter,wife, and mother, got work in the big city all on her own. Charmaine’s novel, about a woman who fights back when her husband leaves is available here. Here is Charmaine’s post: ***** What is the best thing about writing? As an actor, I cherished every word in the script with respect to the playwright never thinking one day I’d be a writer. A mother hears her child say, “Read me a story, Mommy.” Read becomes“Tell me a story, Mom.” And here I am with a publisher, Kimberlee Williams-Vanilla Heart Publishing who calls and says, “Write another new story.” The best is using the powerful gift of imagination. An idea wakes me from sleep. In the morning I write. Think of what the writer can do with a story. You create a situation, two people meet, maybe fall in love, a misunderstanding, obstacles you throw in their path to prevent an easy solution and at last, love wins. OR an evil presence, a parallel story to collide, illness, death, destruction, misunderstanding and love wins OR. . .Possibilities are endless. The author is in command OR is she? The characters take over as they often do. The author loses herself, cries, laughs, and writes until The End. You weep some more because your baby has grown up and you want to show her to the world. Then the real work begins. Promotion, marketing. Oh my. All you want to do is write. Charmaine’s novel, about a woman who fights back when her husband leaves her is available here. Blurb: Beth Malone wakes up one morning to find a note from her husband of forty years. “Dear Liz, it’s not you, it’s me.” Abandoned by her husband, Beth decides to re-establish herself as the winner she once was. When Frank Malone returns, he’s in for a big surprise! To read more about Charmaine and download a sampler go here. +++++ Thanks Charmaine for being our ninth guest post writer. I admire your determination and your willingness to write about what...

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