Emerging Writers Guest Post #52 – About Corinna Underwood – Including why she writes horror & mystery

Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Guest Posts

Corinna, tell us about your latest book. A Walk On The Darkside is a collection of stories. Pearl Blackthorn is a novelist and investigative reporter for Darkside paranormal magazine. Armed with her digital recorder and accompanied by her friend and photographer Harry Raymond, Pearl is sent by her editor J.J Benson – affectionately known as Benny – to the four corners of Great Britain, (and sometimes further), to investigate stories of spirits and spectres, demons and doppelgängers, prophecy and possession. The problem is, Pearl doesn’t believe in the supernatural; her creative imagination is tempered by a strong skepticism. She is immovable on her stand that there is always a simple, rational explanation behind every report of paranormal activity. But Pearl soon realizes that the intricacies of paranormal events are often far from simple and not always rational. This is the first book in the Pearl Blackthorn series. I grew up in Stoke-on-Trent in England. I now live in Rome, Georgia. My favorite authors are Italo Calvino Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Dean Koontz, Neil Gaiman, Angela Carter and Samuel Beckett. Do you have other published works? I have two non-fiction books – A Haunted History of Atlanta And North Georgia and Murder and Mystery in Atlanta. What intrigues you about the horror and mystery genres? Several things: I think we all love being scared, to varying degrees, particularly when we’re at home safe with a book in our hands. I also think that these genres allow a lot of room for imagination, just about anything can and does happen, and just when you think things can’t get more horrific, or that you’ve figured out the mystery, well….. What are you working on right now? As well as the sequel to A Walk On The Darkside, I am also working on a novel entitled Elsewhere. This is a piece of magical realism that explores the inhabitants of a small island and their legacy to an ancient race. A Walk On The Darkside by Corinna Underwood paranormal/mystery My website. +++++++ Welcome to the guest post slot Corinna. I wish you well with your writing. I understand the attraction of mystery and horror too. It’s similar to the attraction to crime and murder stories. A Walk on the Darkside sounds truly interesting. Best of luck with it.              This guest post is part of a series where I will be showcasing emerging and established authors on this blog. You can help by visiting their sites, buying their books, sharing this post on Twitter and Facebook and coming back for the next post. You can also follow this site (click the button above right), to be notified by email on who is next in a few days time. And if you are a writer and want to be featured send me an email lob@yourasms.com and I will send you the submission guidelines. And please support this site and the promotion of writers by buying:  The Istanbul Puzzle & The Jerusalem Puzzle and pre-ordering The Manhattan...

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Guest post: Nadine Maritz – Aspiring South African Vampire Fiction Author

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Q. Hi Nadine. Can we kick off the interview by discussing your current work in progress? A: Hi Laurence. Sure. I’ve been working on a trilogy of South African Vampire Fiction for about two years now. Q: What’s the title of your work? A: I’ve called it My Addiction for the past two years but I’m sure I’ll change the name to some degree once we’ve completed the editing process and all. Give it more of an African feel. Q: Where did the idea come from? A: I’m not really 100% sure. It’s as if I woke up one morning and just had all these things I wanted to do. I guess it’s because I hit the big 30. J I achieved a lot in that year. Q: What genre does your book fall under? A: I don’t like labelling them as a specific genre. I feel they fall well into Fantasy, Adventure and Romance. Of course, there’s Paranormal as we’re dealing with mythical creatures. I’d even say there’s some Thriller in there too. Q: How have modern day movies and published authors in the same genre influenced you? A: Well…I think since Twilight hit the market things have changed dramatically for any author in that specific genre. It flooded the market to such an extent that publishers and agents alike are very reluctant to accept anything related to vampires currently. It’s also changed life for everyone around us. These days you hear more and more about people who characterise themselves as vampires and wolves. It’s not just mythical folklore anymore. It’s around us, part of us. Q: How does that influence what you’re doing? A: It doesn’t influence my writing that much. When I write I set the part of myself aside that takes me into another world. I think as writers we are all given the gift of creating something from nothing. If we love what we write it’s a bargain; if the world around us likes it—it’s an honour. Q: Can you tell us briefly what your trilogy is about? A: To sum it up, it’s about a South African female vampire–Snare–who was created with a specificpurpose in mind. Unfortunately for her creators, they didn’t take into account her state of mind or her ultimate goal. It’s fast paced a bit psychotic and all about love. Q: What sets your trilogy apart from others? A. Well, my aim is to create a new breed of vampires and mythical creatures alike. The majority of it goes down in a somewhat post-apocalyptic Africa – which is already something different from what everyone knows. I feel Africa is a bit of untouched ground when it comes to mythical creatures so that would give it an edge. I hope. Q. If you never got published what would you take away from this whole experience A: I’d definitely take away a lot. I’ve met so many people, listened to so many stories, read so many tales that...

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