US Launch August 26 2014

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    The Manhattan Puzzle paperback is launching in US bookstores August 26, 2014. A poster and support material will be sent to the 50 top US mystery stores across the US to help it on its way. This is my first novel to get a proper US publication. So please, if you are in the US over the Summer go into a bookstore and ask for The Manhattan Puzzle. It might inspire them to put in an order! And if you know any bookstores, please tell them about The Manhattan Puzzle. If they want support material sent I will arrange it. Simply tell them to email me: I will be running a competition in August to help attract some attention to The Manhattan Puzzle. The next novel in the series, The Nuremberg Puzzle is moving ahead too. I am enjoying it. I am adding a real historical revelation, which I hope will interest many readers. Thank you all for supporting my writing. I mean it. There are things going on behind the scenes, which could transform this series, but your help is crucial. Stick with me! And if you’re a writer – or a reader – come and see the site I have developed to help authors get discovered: There are 62 first pages from 62 novels up there already, in many popular genres. And this number is growing every week. The idea is that you can quickly read a first page and see if the novel is for you, then order it quickly. All the novels are modern and well reviewed. Some are from prize winning authors. All are worth reading the first page. Thanks again for all your support. I hope you all enjoy a great Spring. The weather has turned beautiful here in Ireland.    Laurence O’Bryan...

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BooksGoSocial launch

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in On Writing is being launched 27th February 2014, 18:30-20:30, at the Odeon, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2. The Odeon used to be a railway station. You can see the venue above. is a site for authors and readers. It features the first pages and covers of recent novels. The aim is to allow readers to sample novels quickly and for authors to have a greater chance of being discovered. We have international and Irish authors on the site. We feature both traditionally published authors and great independently published novels too. If you are an author and you want to be featured simply email me: I am Tweeting links to the site to all my 200,000 followers every day. The aim is simply to get people onto the site to read novels. We are achieving that goal. 1,000 reader/visitors looked at our novels in the past week, and we are only beginning our promotion campaign. Authors can now be discovered directly by readers, through the power of a web site and a network of supporters all helping to promote their work. I encourage all authors featured to also promote the site so that we can create a network effect amplifying what each of us can do on our own. is supported by great writers and great writing sites around the world and is open to any author, in any country writing in English. It will evolve too. For now we don’t have genre categories, but they are coming. will also feature quarterly eReader give away competitions to attract readers, credible authors and great writing. Don’t miss out. Get involved. Support great writing. Visit, share this page or the site and support us. Many...

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Writing update – New competition – New site

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  This image is a screen grab of the new book promotion magazine I created. Click on it or here to go to the site. New books will be added to it each week. There is an app and it works well on mobiles and tablets. The purpose of the site is for people to see covers, read first pages and order from Amazon if they like the book. The aim is to provide a fast way for readers to get a taste of a book. I have also been developing additional support services for writers. These include a report on an online marketing campaign and site, with detailed suggestions about how it might reach more readers, and a service that tells my 200,000+ followers on a daily basis about a book or writer’s site. I am also working on a major edit for The Nuremberg Puzzle. A new story line about Isabel and a change in Zena’s story will all probably delay the launch of The Nuremberg Puzzle. I firmly believe you will get a much stronger novel at the end. I am also offering, to all who share this post, on Twitter or Facebook, AND comment below, a free entry for a new competition. The winner will receive a signed copy of The Manhattan Puzzle posted to them anywhere in the world AND a pre-release paperback copy of The Nuremberg Puzzle, before general release, again posted anywhere. All you have to do is share this post and comment below. A winner will be picked later in the year, when The Nuremberg Puzzle edits are complete. In other news I am looking forward very much to Aug 26 this year. The Manhattan Puzzle will be my first novel released in paperback to U.S. book stores on that date. I have been published in 20 other countries around the world, none of my novels have been available in the 10,000 U.S. book stores, which still survive. Many of these are iconic stores. A book store is often the first places I go to in a new city. Harper Collins U.S. are doing a big U.S. push for me with mystery and other book stores throughout America in the run up to the launch. Wish me luck! My fate is in readers and book store owners hands now. Until the Summer I will be promoting other writers using my new site and the magazine site above. If you know of a writer who could do with some experienced online marketing support, at a low cost, email me: And thank you for sharing and commenting and reading here. I have nothing without your support.  I mean it.  Nothing. Laurence O’Bryan    ...

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The Themes of The Manhattan Puzzle

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What has been hidden in Manhattan? What would you do to a banker who treated ordinary people like slaves? What allows Manhattan to rise again despite everything the world throws at it?  These are the themes of The Manhattan Puzzle. The story sees Sean and Isabel reunited in Manhattan at the headquarters of one of the world’s largest banks, which is about to go bust. There’s been some grisly murders, and now the plot takes a new twist. The contents of the book they found in Istanbul are revealed. My personal journey with this story grew out of my disgust at the financial crisis that has brought many so low. I am interested in the myths and the beliefs of those who value money above everything. All edits have been submitted and approved. We are on track for a global release, in English, on October 10th by Harper Collins. But don’t get me wrong. I love Manhattan. It’s a city in a snow globe of dollar bills. So look in your bookstore and on your E-readers and pre-order if you want or just sit tight. You’ll be hearing more about this...

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The 7 Most Useful Books on How to Write Fiction – for those who didn’t get it yet!

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in On Writing

These are the books on writing that excited me most when I read them, which I still consult when I need advice. 1. Solutions for Writers by Sol Stein. First published in 2005 this is the essential guidebook on how to write for our times. Broken up into sections and covering both fiction and non fiction it contains a mother lode of practical advice on issues from the writer’s job, to the keys to swift characterisation, to adding resonance. What grabbed me about this book though was the focus on practical advice. Almost every page of my copy has a section underlined and a corner turned. This is the book I turn to again and again. If you can only afford one book on writing make it this one. 2. Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook, by Donald Maas. First published in 2004 this is the workshop book for Mr Maas’s famous Writing the Breakout Novel book and training modules. Its three sections cover a wide range of topics under the section headings character development, plot development and general story techniques. I went for the workbook version because I like to fool myself that I’m focused on the practical. The exercises at the end of each chapter made real sense to me too. They made me think about how to apply the excellent writing observations Donald describes so well. My copy of this book is heavily underlined and there are notes sticking out of it. I also return to Donald’s book at critical points in the development of a manuscript. This workbook should definitely be in your library, especially if commercial success is something you aspire to. If you want to write and then starve, you definitely won’t need it. 3. Conflict, Action & Suspense, by William Noble. First published in 1994 this book provides step by step guidance on setting the stage, creating and building suspense and bringing it all to a gripping conclusion. My copy is poodle eared. For me suspense is one of the most important aspects of any novel. It’s why I keep reading. It’s what keeps me turning those pages. It’s what Michael Connelly does to make me want to buy every book he writes. What Harlan Coben does to make every book he writes go to the top of the bestseller lists. If you want to write suspense well, this is the book for you. 4. A Natural History of the Senses, by Diane Ackerman. First published in 1991 Diane’s book is a grand tour of the realm of the senses. In it she describes the evolution of the kiss, the sadistic cuisine of eighteenth century England, the chemistry of pain and a lot more. Structured into chapters for each sense, including synthesia (yes, it’s the combining of constituent elements into a single or unified entity), this unusual and thought provoking book is a...

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